My name is Mack Prime, a dedicated and skilled videographer professional with a passion for visual storytelling and a wealth of experience spanning over a decade. After finishing my Digital Media studies in Madrid,  my journey in the world of audiovisual arts continued when I co-founded in 2011, Okupas Audiovisuales, in my hometown of Arequipa, Peru.

My knowledge extended to the filming stage, where I set up and operated cameras, lighting, and sound equipment, capturing high-quality footage that brought ideas to life.

Post-production became my scope, where I showcased my skills in editing and manipulating raw footage. To stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving industry, I consistently kept myself updated with the latest trends and technologies. Embracing a mindset of continuous learning, I explored new techniques to enhance the quality and efficiency of video production.

I am excited to bring my experience, creativity, and technical skills to future projects, continuing to contribute meaningfully to the world of visual storytelling.


I’ve fine-tuned my videography and post-production skills and also got close with a range of clients, from local gems to big industry players, all while keeping that raw, documentary vibe alive.
Whether I’m brainstorming with mom-and-pop shops or diving deep into projects with corporate giants, I bring the same energy – planning, filming, editing  to capture the heart of each story and serve it up in a way that hits home.
So, whether it’s a small tale or a grand narrative, I’m all in, ready to craft visuals that speak for its self.

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